Sunday, 31 January 2010


This is the Gloucester tree in it...B made the first 3 rungs and I managed about 5 metres...Lord knows how we'll manage on the Sydney Bridge....trembling knees already! This is a beautiful part of the country with some amazing forests. The golf courses have hard white sand greens! Oh, by the way, we had rain yesterday!! NB Sharon....the pictures you see on here do NOT count towards the 32!!

Friday, 29 January 2010

This is where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet, it's blooming cold to paddle in! Weather cooling as we travel south to little over 33! We both look like mobile lobsters!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Margaret River

Headed south yesterday, Thu, for the wine region. Happened on this winerey where the PRENDIVILLE vintage sells for about $90 a bottle and they wouldn't even consider a discount for family! Understand they haven't had rain here since October, and it shows. Think we might just visit one or two morer today!

B and I among the 350,000 enjoyng the celebrations on Australia Day. 4X coming out of the pores!! Bus pass works here too but not too sure the Aboriginal Elders took too kindly to us resting our weary bones in the tent marked 'For Elders'!! Fireworks were much better than we were used to at Glentham all those years ago!


Arrived Perth early Monday morning, it's very strange walking upside down and neither of us has fallen off yet!! Very clean city and also extremely hot averaging 38 since we arrived! Had difficulty in accessing wi-fi but all's well now.

Monday, 25 January 2010

OK, sorry for delay since last entry, wi-fi probs. Ended trip to HK with a very fishy lunch on Lamma Island in HK harbour, very long and alcoholic. It was all in aid of Hugh's 40th birthday party (picture).
Arrived Perth to 20 degrees which had risen to 26/7 by the time the cloud had lifted.
Today is Australia Day and as befits such an occasion it is already 21 deg with a clear blue sky, and it's still only 8am!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

What a dreadful hotel, they've only put us on the top floor in one of their executive rooms overlooking HK harbour with a bed that could fit 6. Went for dinner with Hugh and Viv last night at a Thai restaraunt, arrived back at hotel at 00:45, awful night!!!! Looking forward to Hugh's birthday bash tomorrow at a fish restaurant on an island in HK harbour with a forecast 0f 23 degrees! Went on the HK Peak Tram today with spectacular views over the harbour......well, they would have been had we been able to see anything through the clouds .....thank goodness we got a pensioner discount! Next Blog......Oz, love to all our followers........Forgot to mention, West Lindsey Bus Pass gets us both free access to the ferry and bus system here, how good is that?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

11:50 HK time. Arrived just before 9am after 11 and half hour flight, tiring and boring. Super hotel on harbour front but unable to occupy room till later, hey-ho. Currently drinking coffee in BurgerKing, but it does have free wi-fi!! First bus spotted had an advert on the side for the Hong Kong Heamaroid (spelling?) Centre! No pics yet, but wait!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Visit to C de B

Just returned from C de B where Stephen and I spent our time painting, building and clearing snow, guess who did what?? We weren't looking forward to the return journey with the forecast of snow, snow and even more snow, however, it did not materialise and we arrived home in record time. Thanks to everybody who took heed of the weather reports to stay indoors. Countdown to Oz is now gathering momentum.