Saturday, 23 January 2010

What a dreadful hotel, they've only put us on the top floor in one of their executive rooms overlooking HK harbour with a bed that could fit 6. Went for dinner with Hugh and Viv last night at a Thai restaraunt, arrived back at hotel at 00:45, awful night!!!! Looking forward to Hugh's birthday bash tomorrow at a fish restaurant on an island in HK harbour with a forecast 0f 23 degrees! Went on the HK Peak Tram today with spectacular views over the harbour......well, they would have been had we been able to see anything through the clouds .....thank goodness we got a pensioner discount! Next Blog......Oz, love to all our followers........Forgot to mention, West Lindsey Bus Pass gets us both free access to the ferry and bus system here, how good is that?


  1. Sounds grand :o)
    Enjoy the rest of HK & speak to you in a few days x x x

  2. Discount Dave is alive and kicking!!